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Middling speakers
Really need a projector that can sit right up to the wall? This ultra short-throw CineBeam projector from LG is able to project a massive display from only inches away.

The projector itself is also brilliantly sharp in its construction, with a sleek rectangular profile that can hub your living room carpet or coffee table without obstructing any of the image it's throwing up on the wall – and you can install it from the ceiling as well if preferred.
At 2.inches away, the projector will deliver a 90-inch screen size, while at 7.inches, you’ll get a 120-inch projection. The sound quality maybe isn't as impressive as the projection, though, with a lack of detail in high frequencies, and not much power on the low end either.
Still need speakers for optimum sound
After a five-star projector? The LG CineBeam HU80KSW offers a crisp 4K HDR picture, with the benefit of a truly all-in-one system you'll find a lot more compact than your average smart TV. It may have more of a neutral pallet than some more vivid projectors out there, but for the all-round package and quality, you can't do much better.
Everything from the speakers to the power plug is built into the projector itself, making for a tidy and well-designed product that's wonderfully easy to move around the room or house. While there are physical ports for external media players, too, the on-board LG smart platform can get you streaming from any of your catch-up apps with ease.

Some fan noise

The real upgrade here, however, is the projector’s contrast ratio. While the HT2250 offered a 10,000:contrast ratio, the HT3550 steps that up to an impressive 30,000:– and the result is a super dynamic image.
The projector isn’t perfect – the blacks on offer aren’t as deep as we might have liked, the projector still creates some fan noise and there’s also no lens shift – but those small downsides aside, we think the BenQ HT2350 is an excellent option for those that want a solid, no-frills projector with support for a 4K resolution and HDR content for around as much as you'd pay for a decent 4K TV.
Netflix must be sideloaded
Some projector were meant to be portable – and few do it better than the Anker Nebula Capsule II Mini Projector.
About the size and shape of a can of Coca Cola, the tiny projector looks more like a battery pack for a piece of AV equipment than an all-out projector, but those looks are deceiving. The Capsule II is very capable for its size, offering a 720p (HD) resolution and strong audio output – and a noticeable improvement on 2018's Anker Nebula Mars II – even if it can't compete with the more premium 4K HDR models listed in this guide.

No 4K streaming
The projection itself is brilliant, when handling 4K/HDR sources. There's a great amount of detail, and enough HDR color coming through to make the upgrade from an SDR projector seem worthwhile. The NuForce soundbar, too, offers a wide soundstage and an incredible amount of audio detail to help those movies sound their best.

It's also stuck with a hugely outdated smart platform based on the smartphone Android OS (rather than more suitable smart TV software).
This will no doubt prove an exceptional projector for your home if you're only using it for 4K Blu-ray movies on disc, but for anything less than that you're better off elsewhere.
Noisy even in Eco mode
On the debit side, the black level and the shadow detail could stand to be better, and the TK800M also uses a color wheel, which restricts its range of colors, especially where HDR is concerned. It also means that certain people will see ‘rainbows’, but that’s just a limitation of single-chip DLP projectors.
Could be brighter
Possibly the cheapest projector on this list, the Anker Prizm II guns for an affordable experience that manages to maintain a degree of quality for the price – even if it lags behind in the looks department.

Yes, the Anker Prizm II is a bit bulky, and lacks the sleek design of the LG CineBeam range, or even the Anker Nebula Capsule II. But it makes up for that with a lower price tag, easy-to-angle projection, and better sound quality than its visage would suggest.
It's not all upsides, of course. As a comparatively budget projector, it only has a single HDMI port, and generally struggles to output bright enough to compete with other light sources in the room. If you're only watching in a dark environment, though, and are buying a new projector on a restrictive budget, this could be the projector for you.
Alexa set up issues
Ultimately, while the Alexa features are fun (if a little perfunctory) everything about this the Optoma UHD51A performs exceptionally. At this price you’re going to be hard pressed to find a projector that can deliver this level of picture quality and this feature set more confidently.
The Optoma UHD51A represents a great shift in 4K projecting quality if you find yourself on a tighter budget. Click reference. What’s on offer here allows even those with smaller living spaces and more modest bank balances a taste of the home cinema high life..

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